June Reflection and July Goals

Goals for June 2017

1. Make another big payment on my credit card - done! I will eventually pay off my moving expenses...

2. Attend yoga 2-3x/week and start teaching (I demo today, wish me luck!) - 1/2 done! I have started teaching 2x/week at Laughing Buddha Yoga (because I'm obsessed with teaching at studios with Buddha in the name apparently). I haven't attended as often as I wanted, but I've been more faithful to working out than before!

3. See Wonder Woman (done, on opening night!)

4. Watch Jessica Jones - done! Go watch it, it's soooo good! Plus the defenders comes out soon ;)

5. Track spending for 1 week and blog about it - done! one of the few blog posts I did :(

6. Make Chia Pudding - still didn't do this. BUT I (unsuccessfully) made vegan tiramisu!

7. Exercise 2-3x/week (how else will I ever climb camelback mountain?) - DONE! for the most part. I may have missed 2 days or so, but way more consistent than ever before! Partially due to my own determination, partially due to my boyfriend's friendly guilt-trips.

8. Take a trip home to Michigan to see family - done :)

9. Share at least 1 new recipe/week - whoops, not even close. I would share the vegan tiramisu, but it was a total disaster for me, so I'll save you that one.

10. Keep my mint plant and cactus alive (this is a lot harder for me than it should be) - 1/2.... mint plant died while I was in Michigan :( but my cactus lives on!!! Don't judge me until you've had to keep a cactus alive in AZ!!!

Goals for July 2017

1. Buy NO COFFEE for the month of July. None. I have a bag at home I can drink, and plenty at work. Also, only 1 cup/day max. (If you don't hear from me all month, you know what did me in.)

2. See fireworks somewhere for July 4th!

3. Exercise 3x/week, and do yoga 2x/week.

4. Drink at least 3 L of water daily. (And this will probably still not be enough in AZ...)

5. Buy lunch 0-1 times/week. I have been getting lazy with packing my lunch in the morning.

6. Go to bed at 11pm and wake up with boyfriend at 6:30am (well, have him get me up at 6:30, he wakes up earlier like some sort of demon... I don't trust morning people, and you shouldn't either.)

7. Watch Luke Cage

8. Blog 2x/week (this is do-able right?)

9. Blog about my new beauty products (de-chemicalizing my life as I read The Wellness Project)

10. Figure out how to increase readership for Prickly Pear -- I need to research this, increase my social media presence, and start commenting on the 50 blogs I lurk on. If you have any ideas for this one, let me know!! As much as I love talking to myself, it's always nice to have someone else to talk to.

What are your goals this month?

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Where does my money go?