Do you have a Fantasy Self?


I wake up at 6am with my boyfriend and lazily get out of bed. I sleepily turn on my hot water heater, and roll out my yoga mat. As I let my tea steep, I do a few sun salutations, and my boyfriend turns on the news as he begins to make himself breakfast. If I did have coffee, I would drink it black because who needs processed added sugars? My morning would basically be this video below...

I make myself a healthy bowl of oatmeal with instagram-worthy toppings, and subsequently instagram it before mashing it all together for a delicious breakfast. As I munch away, I finish my hashtags and watch the news with my boyfriend. He leaves for work around 7am, and I get ready for the gym. Around 7:30am, I head down to the gym and do a couple mile run, working up a sweat. Then I come back to my apartment, prepare my daily stuff, change, and head to morning yoga from 9-10am. I change, head to work, water my bamboo plant, and eat my delicious homemade soup/salad for lunch.

I come home in the evening, and begin to prepare dinner, a big beautiful Buddha bowl with roasted veggies and homemade sauce. After eating mindfully, I have a cup of tea to wind down and read my book. My boyfriend and I might go for a short walk. Before bed, I'll have a small dessert made with dates and cacao powder because it, of course, tastes just like the real thing.

On the weekends I start my days with yoga and sensible brunch, and I'll usually hike a few miles and read more books. I never bite my nails, I do avocado hair masks every week, and I never forget to take my makeup off.

Jealous yet? I have the perfect life!



I either wake up with my boyfriend and sleepily watch the news, make a lazy man's breakfast, and get ready for work, OR I tumble out of bed already running late for work and grab a banana because that's breakfast right? I drink obscene amounts of coffee with sugar-laden creamer, not even to stay awake, but because I just love coffee and warm things and things that taste sweet. Also, maybe, kind of, to stay awake.

I come home after work and flop onto the couch, and play Star Wars: Battlefront for a bit. Maybe I go to the gym if my boyfriend is home and guilt-trips me into it, or I play video games while he makes me dinner (because I am the definition of a bum and not only do I not bring home the bacon but I don't cook it either). We then watch lots of Netflix and/or anime and/or John Oliver. Maybe we meet friends for drinks, maybe we head to bed. On the weekends, I will avoid working out, instead sleeping in late, eating way too much at brunch (half-order of French toast? HA), and sometimes I don't even leave the apartment.

So if I'm not doing yoga daily, do I need a new pair of yoga leggings? Nope. If I'm not making my own food, do I need a new kitchen appliance? Nope. If I still have 3 books unread on my shelf, do I need a new one? Nope.

This boils down to two options, either I declutter stuff that I buy for my fantasy self or I become my fantasy self. My decision? Somewhere between. Realistically, I can stop buying things for my fantasy self--no yoga leggings purchases, no new books (even if they are about developing the life you want, because the irony is just too much), and no more Starbucks (this is my fantasy 'hipster' self who loves to be cool and drink Starbucks, but let's be real I'm #brokeAF and can't buy that). My current self can then move closer to my fantasy self by waking up early, going to the gym more often, cooking more often, and playing less Star Wars.

My current self can stop over-committing and make do with what I have, because the only thing I really need to become the best version of me, is me.

Do you have a fantasy self? What do they like to do? For more reading, check out the article that inspired this post:

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