Hello Fresh: Crunchy Veggie and Lentil Salad

Hello Fresh: Crunchy Veggie and Lentil Salad

Can anyone else believe that these "women eating salads" photos is a trend? Why? Why can't we women enjoy our salads in peace? Not that I enjoy them all that much, but hey, I don't judge.

let them eat salad! - probably Marie Antoinette when she decided she wanted the cake for herself

^ not me.

^ not me.


If you're like me, you're busy. I don't know that my boyfriend is that busy, or maybe he just manages his time better, but we aren't going to turn down free meals. Our friend sent us a free hello fresh box, so we thought, let's give it a go. *This post is NOT sponsored by Hello Fresh, but if anyone is interested in supporting me, please don't hesitate to contact me. At all. Seriously.* Having said that, there's a coupon code at the bottom if you're interested ;)

Well, we are IN LOVE, specifically with the vegetarian box. Although it's more expensive than the grocery store (despite what hello fresh claims), you can't beat the convenience. My boyfriend and I usually get ~3 meals out of each "meal", making it slightly more reasonable for price, but we understand we are paying for convenience. Once I figure out how to meal plan (apparently I can only help others do it and can't do it myself? #lazy?) then I'm sure I will be back on my money saving train.

One thing I like about Hello Fresh vs other meal delivery services is that each meal is separated into a convenient box. There's no separating ingredients into different recipes, or digging around for the right spice packet. It's all there. And if there's something you should take out (like an avocado to ripen), they place a little sticker on the outside of the box. How nice! Just like other boxes, it comes with an ice pack to keep your food fresh while it makes its way to you.

As the weather warms up (AKA gets unbearably hot in Phoenix), I am craving more salads. I use the word 'craving' loosely, because let's be real, the only thing I ever really crave is dessert. More like, salads sound better than in the winter when a bowl of rabbit food isn't as appealing (sorry salad, you just can't win with me). The salad recipe I posted below is available in PDF format on the Hello Fresh website if you want to print it out/enlarge it. In fact, they post all their recipes! And it's in this nice, easy to follow format. I would argue their prep times are a little off, or maybe I'm just really slow at cutting up vegetables, but most meals take about 40 minutes from when I pull out the box to when I'm sitting down to eat. Not bad!

I think what I loved most about this recipe was the flavor variety. I'm also a big fan of dill, but had never utilized the herb in regular cooking. Hello Fresh does a great job of introducing new flavors without going overboard. Lentils are also a wonderful source of fiber--I'm part of team FEED YOUR GUT (microbiota). And that toasted pita bread? NOM. Any other carbohydrate addicts out there like me? No? Yes? *echoes in the distance*

It was really easy to throw together, not that I made it since my boyfriend is an actual saint and cooks for me, and there wasn't an overwhelming amount of greens. As great as greens are, if your salad is 80% greens and only 20% literally anything else, it tends to be a little less satisfying for hunger and a little lacking flavor-wise. Although if you want to go ahead and chomp on some spinach, be my guest.

There are the basic ingredients Hello Fresh expects you to have (olive oil, cooking utensils, water), but other than those few things you get everything packed up (i.e. spices). If you're good about recycling, then the packaging isn't very wasteful either, although I won't go so far to say that you're giving mother nature a hug every time you get a box.

10/10 would recommend for convenience and to increase vegetable consumption; and learn how to make some delish, quick salad dressings

What about you? Have you ever tried a meal delivery service? No, domino's doesn't count.

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