Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Spring Capsule Wardrobe

I'm finally ready to reveal my spring capsule!

After looking through Un-Fancy and so, so many other blogs, I've realized I am not a shopaholic. That being said, I am guilty of having too many lounge clothes, duplicates, and patterns that don't match. In Michigan, we have the seasons of very cold, cold and rainy, hot and stormy, and all four in one (sometimes called winter, spring, summer, and fall). So I got rid of one trash bag of clothes, stored away one and a half bins, and am looking to downsize a bit more (baby steps). In the meanwhile, time for the capsule!

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

There are a few different definitions, but for the most part it's a smaller section of your overall wardrobe full of versatile pieces that spark joy with every wear. For some people, it's 33 items including shoes. Others, 40 without. It just depends on who you ask. Most capsules are changed out every 3 months with the seasons, keeping most pieces for the next season and swapping some in or out of storage, and possibly purchasing a few items (usually 3-5 new pieces). In the meantime, you wear your capsule only, love your variety of outfits, try new things, and discover your personal style.

Process of creating my spring capsule:

Color palette! 

There are some things out there telling you what colors are best, but I think you should go with 1. what you have 2. what you like 3. what you think looks good on you. I picked my basic black, white, and grey (navy could practically be one of my neutrals too) and that makes up most of my closet. From there, I picked some pastels because I have been addicted to adding a splash of brightness to my wardrobe. I'm also slowly getting over my fear that I will look like a barbie if I wear pink.

ADL (Activities of Daily Living)

When curating a capsule, it's so important to consider your lifestyle. If you're a mom, tons of skirts might not work. If you are always cold, you need sweaters and other great layers. Do you need business casual or do you work from home? I'll be finishing grad school, so my wardrobe can remain pretty casual (defined as me attempting to look like I didn't just spent an hour teaching yoga in a 90 degree room). This capsule will take me through May and June when I'm starting my dietetic internship, and my first rotation is dressy casual so I had to have a few nicer pieces that I could fancy up. I've decided to have a separate capsule for my business casual dress code, to be revealed at a later time (subscribe so you don't miss it!).

Total Items

I ended up with 40 items, excluding accessories, shoes, and workout/lounge (although I need to trim loungewear down, do I really need every Michigan shirt I've ever gotten?). I didn't have a specific number in mind, because I wanted my first capsule to be a little less stressful (choosing between my two favorite almost identical jeans? I couldn't bear it!). When first starting out, a number can be a good goal, but it isn't worth obsessing over. Inevitably, there will be items you might wish you had in your capsule and items you end wearing very little. As Bob Ross says...

We don't make mistakes, we make happy accidents.

Sometimes I am going to or coming from a yoga class, so I am allowing myself to mix in leggings among my day to day.  Lastly, weather in Michigan will probably be rainy (ugh) and between low 50s and mid 80s over the course of the next three months, so I considered that as well. I used Stylebook to organize my capsule (review coming soon), so that's where the pictures are screenshotted from. :)

Feminine, Bohemian, Cozy
Skinny Jeans + Flowy Top + Heels
Cardigan + Boyfriend Jeans + Flats

Tops: 21
Layering Pieces: 12
Bottoms: 7
Dresses: 1 (Didn't turn out so well in the picture)

Honestly, I'm more excited for my summer capsule (which will be even more relevant in Arizona!).

What do you think? Am I missing a necessity? How is your spring capsule coming along?

What's in my bag?

What's in my bag?

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